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Championing the Elastos Nation

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Elation Studios

Elation, noun. A feeling of great happiness and excitement. This is what we feel when we think of Elastos and all that it is trying to achieve. Elation being comprised of “ELA” and “TION”. “ELA” of course represents Elastos, with “TION” extrapolated to represent “Nation”. This is the “Elastos Nation”, which we can only hope to duly represent as a Cyber Republic Council Member.

Elastos Cyber Republic Council Member

This Week On the Elation Nation

Meet the Elation Studios Team

Passionate about Elastos - we Champion the Elastos Nation

Fakhul Miah
Elation Studios, Co-founder                                        Technical Lead   

Vice President at Morgan Stanley with over 13 years of banking experience supporting institutional and high net worth clients across equities, structured products, exotics, fixed income, and cleared derivates. He’s a strong technical lead with degrees in Economics and Data Analysis, primary skill sets in risk management (market & counterparty), and margin financing (prime brokerage) focusing on large asset managers and hedge funds. Managing global markets and a team of 50 individuals across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Troy Tohid
Elation Studios, Co-founder                                        Business Lead  

Executive Director at Morgan Stanley with over 15 years experience in the banking industry supporting an institutional and wealth management client base across fixed income, equities, and cleared derivatives asset classes. He’s a strong business leader with degrees in Finance and Marketing, primary skillsets in client service, and managing large globally disbursed teams of over 150 individuals. 

Elation Studios Ethos

Cyber Republic Consensus

Team Expertise

Leverage  Elation Studios expertise in areas of communication,  productivity, execution, risk management, F2B complex processing, large budgets and global team management to grow the Elastos brand.

Marketing Strategy and Plan

Elation Studios is developing an Request for Proposal (RFP) for marketing agencies to bid on the opportunity to represent the Elastos Brand. This RFP will ask for experienced marketing agencies to develop a marketing mix, with varying levels of force, designed to efficiently incentivize 3rd parties to build on the Elastos ecosystem whilst also increasing the Elastos user and investor base.

Education of the Elastos Ecosystem

Blockchain as a technology has been around for over a decade and the masses still do not understand it. We aim to create Elastos’ supporting material to be readily available and easily digestible. Educational videos for the layman on what Elastos is, its governance structure, marketing strategies, and how to navigate/use the front-to-back ecosystem.

Communication Framework

Council member have the right to recommend proposals and vote on proposals based on their own conclusions and beliefs. Council members are elected by the community on their own respective platform. We believe the CR Council needs to better represent and keep informed the wider community.

CR Proposal Funding Challenges

Whilst ELA continues to trade at a deep discount (versus ICO price) coupled with low trading volume there are valid concerns around funding CR proposals with ELA as it needs to often be sold shortly thereafter in the open market to fund a proposals execution. This creates downward pressure on the ELA price, resulting in proposals not passing and ring-fenced marketing budgets not being used.

CR Revenue Generating Mechanisms

We believe there are revenue generating mechanisms that are yet to be explored or acted upon by the Council. These mechanisms may include DeFi solutions such as contributing to liquidity pools, participating in staking, mining activities, or entering various other structured deals. 

CRC Voting Issues

Elation Studios would like the CR to reconsider the current voting rules, which allows members to either vote “Yes”, “No”, “Abstain” or “Undecided”. The later “Undecided” vote occurs when a council member has either failed to vote or their vote was not chained due to technical errors. Unfortunately, many instances where this has occurred were due to council members failing to vote and as a result proposals that would have benefited the ecosystem were not passed through. 

CRC Voting Reforms

To alleviate challenges with the current voting system we would like to further explore; regular CRC meetings, an increase in the voting period, minimum 'suggestion' periods, creation of an emergency voting mechanism and additional ways for the wider community to have visibility and feedback loops on proposals.

Elation Studios Commitments

As an elected council member, we commit to acting with a high regard for integrity and professionalism, engaging regularly with the Community, producing regular updates on key initiatives/developments,  striving to improve the cohesiveness between the EF/CRC/community and maintaining a 100% voting record.

Elation Studios Roadmap

Follow us on our journey to to build the Elastos brand

May 20th 2021

Fakhul (Fox) and Troy (TT) with a like minded passion for Elastos form Elation Studios with a single goal in mind - build the Elastos brand!

June 1st 2021 

Elation Studios run for Cyber Republic Council on a platform of improving Marketing, Education, Communication, Funding and Voting Reforms.

June 10th 2021

We are elated to secure a CR Council seat, thank you to everyone that supported us!

June 13th 2021

Transparency & Communication Commitment: proposed engagement model for regular CR council meetings ratified with agendas and meeting minutes made available to the community

June 16th 2021

Privileged to chair the first meeting of the new CR council where we discuss; thanking previous council, introductions, meeting mechanics, new Secretary General and vision for the year ahead

June 17th 2021

In house Marketing material for Elastos and the Cyber Republic beings to be released: ‘ELAphant in the Room’ artwork and ‘Cyber Republic Celebration’ video

June 30th 2021

Elation Studios Chair the second CR council meeting. Topics include upcoming web3 summits, building an NFT marketplace on Elastos, CR funding and revenue generation opportunities, scope of the Secretary General role and community engagement

July 1st 2021

Elated to share the latest promotional video, a mash-up of a phenomenal community video and an in-house production comparing Web2 to the Elastos SmartWeb

July 5th 2021

Excited to release the new elation studios website, which showcases the Elation vision, commitments to the community, Elation roadmap, in house artwork & media as well as selected community material

August 1st 2021

RFP shared with CR Council for discussion and feedback during  CR council meeting on August 11th 

August 21st 2021

CRC feedback is incorporated and the Marketing Strategy RFP is finalised and issued to the Market 

September - October 2021

An extensive RFP process was executed with 7 agencies responding. Through thorough vetting by Elation Studios and the Elastos Info team, subsequent interviews with the Council, TLGG Omnicom was selected. The associated cost is not at all the most expensive, nor is it the least. The proposal was selected for its overall project understanding, approach in achieving the requirements, and an identification of measures available to ensure cost effectiveness.

November 13th 2021
TLGG Omnicom selected and formally submitted to the CRC for approval

Marketing agency scorecard rankings can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1crfYnsdLTlivc2EKFH_4FqOkDs3Kpka4/view?usp=sharing

Selected Elation Studios Artwork & Videos

Enjoy and share artwork and videos from our media library


What is Elastos

Cyber Republic Celebration

Elastos SmartWeb

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Elastos Essentials: Your Gateway to Elastos

Elastos SmartWeb: The Future of Web3

Enjoy Media from the Elastos Community

Watch videos and art work from the wider community


Elastos Official Promotional Video

Cyber Republic Promotional Video

Community Video - Elastos Story by Sash

Must Watch Elastos Interviews

Watch Interview Videos with Prominent Members of the Community

Real Vision - Donald Bullers

Anthony Pompliano - Rong Chen

Huobi Talk - Rong Chen

Elastos Press Highlights

Read Interviews and articles about the Elastos ecosystem

World Economic Forum Selects Elastos Foundation for Global Innovators Community

The Global Innovators Community is a highly selective group of the world's most promising ventures who stand at the forefront of technological and business model innovation. The Elastos Foundation will initially join 2 WEF Platforms: "Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Blockchain and Digital Assets," and "Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Data Policy." 

Five Defining Features to Build the New Generation Internet

Recent geopolitical events, such as President Trump’s order to ban TikTok and WeChat in the United States, have exemplified the imperative of decentralization. The next generation internet will empower individuals to own their data, exchange their wealth, and control their digital footprint — all without being subject to the whims of politicians and tech giants, which have historically weaponized the web for their own gain.

European stablecoins eEUR, eCHF, eSEK, eNOK & eDKK issued by e-Money will circulate on the Elastos mainnet!

In Q4, 2021, e-Money is excited to announce that they will be integrating with the Elastos ecosystem. Acceptance of cryptocurrency payments and blockchain technology has exploded in popularity across online platforms and physical assets in recent months, highlighting the need for more stablecoins in other currencies. With their European stablecoins, e-Money has successfully filled that gap.

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