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Elation Studios Vision

Championing the Elation Nation Through the Cyber Republic Consensus

Leverage Elation Studios Expertise

Leverage expertise to grow the Elastos brand through:  Effective Communication Driving Performance, Productivity & Execution Goals Setting and Performance Alignment Exercising Sound Judgement and Analysis Experience in participating and reviewing RFPs Front to back build out of complex processes and teams Expertise in risk management; Market, Counterparty, and Operational Management and oversight of large budgets (USD millions) Managing teams of over 150 people across locations including New York, Baltimore, London, Glasgow, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Singapore  

Marketing Strategy and Plan

Elation Studios is developing an Request for Proposal (RFP) for marketing agencies to bid on the opportunity to represent the Elastos Brand. This RFP will ask for experienced marketing agencies to develop and price out a marketing mix, with varying levels of force, designed to efficiently incentivize the 3rd parties to build on the Elastos ecosystem whilst also increasing the Elastos user and investor base. This will include elements of influencer and industry engagement, digital and print advertising, and any other recommendation a marketing house might have. Focus on defining the Elastos: Value proposition & key brand messaging Target consumer base (dev, user & investor) Marketing phases & timelines aligned to releases Material for the community to leverage in outreach efforts  

Education of the Elastos Ecosystem

Blockchain as a technology has been around for over a decade and the masses still do not understand it. This holds true for even the most basic platforms. Elastos’ supporting material needs to be readily available and easily digestible. We believe retaining the attention of the end user and investor is critical. We are looking to: Publish educational videos for the layman on what Elastos is, its governance structure, marketing strategies, and how to navigate/use the front-to-back ecosystem Provide at least bi-weekly updates to the community on key inflight initiatives, interactions with the EF and CRC, and address current Community questions/concerns 

Communication Framework

Council member have the right to recommend proposals and vote on proposals based on their own conclusions and beliefs. Council members are elected by the community on their own respective platform. We believe the CR Council needs to better represent and keep informed the wider community, which is where our platform/commitments have been derived from. The CRC White paper articulates that council members do not need to know or communicate with one another or have common goals. We do not believe that should be the case. While anonymity can be maintained, we feel it is important for CR members to have healthy discussions around proposals and the direction of the Elastos roadmap (in conjunction with the EF and Community). This can be solved through more regular Council Meetings, AMA meetings on broader supported platforms, Community engagement, and greater coordinated release of updates with associated marking to name a few.

CR Proposal Funding Challenges

Whilst ELA continues to trade at a deep discount (versus ICO price) coupled with low trading volume there are valid concerns around funding CR proposals with ELA as it needs to often be sold shortly thereafter in the open market to fund a proposals execution. This creates downward pressure on the ELA price, which appears to have resulted in more expensive proposals not passing and ring-fenced marketing budgets not being used. We propose that the Elastos Foundation (EF) in a demonstration of confidence agree to an investment proposal with the CRC whereby the two parties engage in an Over the Counter (OTC) swap of BTC for ELA. The contract between both two parties would include terms whereby the ELA amount would be locked up in a smart contract until either a defined period had expired and/or a specific ELA price point had been hit. As a result, the EF could not immediately go out and sell the ELA into the open market therein driving the price down.

CR Revenue Generating Mechanisms

We believe there are revenue generating mechanisms that are yet to be explored or acted upon by the Council. These mechanisms may include DeFi solutions such as contributing to liquidity pools, participating in staking, mining activities, or entering various other structured deals. 

CRC Voting Reforms

Elation Studios would like the CR to reconsider the current voting rules, which allows members to either vote “Yes”, “No”, “Abstain” or “Undecided”. The later “Undecided” vote occurs when a council member has either failed to vote or their vote was not chained due to technical errors. Unfortunately, many instances where this has occurred were due to council members failing to vote and as a result proposals that would have benefited the ecosystem were not passed through. We would like to explore a change in the voting logic whereby any “undecided votes” would be excluded from the count. The remaining votes would be subject to the 2/3rds pass rule and require a minimum of 8 votes e.g., if a proposal had 3 “undecided” votes then the motion would pass so long as there were 6 “Yes” votes (2/3rds of 9).  

CRC Voting Reforms - additional considerations

To alleviate challenges with the current voting system we would like to further explore the following suggestions with the EF, CR Council, and the wider community with a view to submitting a CR proposal: Introduce regular CR council member meetings (fortnightly) that includes specific agenda items for CR proposals Increase the voting cycle time from 7 calendar days (5,040 main chain blocks) to be aligned with the meting cycle agreed above Require proposals to be in the ‘submitted’ stage for a fixed period prior to being ‘introduced’ to allow sufficient time for scrutiny and community feedback Creation of an emergency voting mechanism in the event a proposal needs to be pushed through in a shorter time critical window. This would require a higher pass rate e.g., 100%/min 10 ‘Yes’ Votes Additional mechanisms for the wider community to have visibility to proposals and provide feedback (consultation phase)

Elation Studios Commitments

As an elected council member, we commit to: Acting with a high regard for integrity and professionalism Engaging regularly with the Community on social platforms Producing bi-weekly updates on key initiatives/developments, e.g. marketing campaign Introducing Elastos to the Western audience by producing educational materials on the ecosystem Striving to improve the cohesiveness between the Elastos Foundation/CRC/Community Addressing CRC funding issues with the Elastos Foundation and present proposals for adoption Making introductions with the banking community as opportunities present themselves Assist in Western Exchange Listings; through a CRC proposal for DAO registration in an allowable US state, e.g. Wyoming or Vermont Maintaining a 100% voting record

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